Our Verdicts

Over the years, we have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our recoveries are too many to list, but here are some examples of our jury verdicts obtained at trial.

A $6.3 million verdict against Allied Signal, Volkswagen, Suzuki, and Wagner for a family member who was exposed to asbestos from clutches and brakes as a result of work performed by her father in the garage at home. Prior v. Volkswagen et al.

A jury verdict of $5.1 million for a Machinist Mate and Chief Officer who served aboard submarines in the United States Navy. The defendant, John Crane Corporation, offered $0 to settle this case. Hicks v. John Crane Corporation.

A $4.95 million verdict for a San Francisco Bay area shipyard worker who worked with packing and gaskets as a machinist. This judgment was against a defendant who offered $0 to resolve the case. Lewis v. John Crane Corporation.

A verdict of over $3 million for a Navy Chief Petty Officer and Marine Machinist who worked with packing and gasket materials which contained asbestos. This verdict was against a company that offered no money to settle the case. Taylor v. John Crane Corporation.

A $2.8 million jury verdict on behalf of a plant worker who worked at the Johns Manville facility making asbestos cement pipe. This verdict was against one of the fiber suppliers who provided fiber to the plant. Haas v. Calaveras Asbestos.

A jury verdict in excess of $2.25 million for a man who served briefly in the Navy during the Vietnam War. This verdict, against Owens Corning Fiberglas, included punitive damages to punish the defendant for its malicious and fraudulent conduct. Brown v. Owens Corning Fiberglas et al.

A $2.1 million verdict for a warehouse worker who handled boxes of insulation. This was, at the time, the largest monetary award for any asbestos case in San Francisco history. Uttinger v. Owens-Illinois, Inc.

A jury verdict of $1.5 million for a retired merchant seaman suffering from disputed asbestosis. Perez v. Owens Corning Fiberglas.

A medical malpractice and nursing home abuse case in which the jury returned a verdict of $1.5 million. Stokey v. County USC Medical Center.

Our Appellate Results

Many times, getting a verdict is just half the battle. When we obtain large judgments, it is common for defendants to appeal in an effort to overturn the result.

Sometimes, the law is unclear. Or new law needs to be made. This is where our appellate department comes in. We work not only to get your verdict, but to keep it. And if keeping a monetary recovery means making new law, we are just as at home in the appellate court as we are in the trial court.

The vast majority of most appellate decisions are not published, which means that they do not apply to any other cases. However, when an issue is found to be important, this does sometimes result in a published decision, which means that the case acts as precedent for all future victims. The fact that our firm has so many published decisions is part of what makes us "lawyers' lawyers." We are not afraid to make new law when it is needed.

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